​NaPoWriMo #1/30

STIMULUS: “Someday,” said Bean, “you’re going to need me the way I needed you. And I’ll be there.”

– Orson Scott Card in the novel Enders Shadow (middle-ish of chapter 21)

TIME LIMIT: 1 hour

CONTEXT: What I’d say to be there for someone when they tried but didn’t succeed.

Resist the ruins and humour me;
you need not be so bitter.

Feed your frustrations to your craft.
Transform shame into your fuel.

Inhale, sharply, when it hurts
and then give grief a time limit
and forgive guilt when it comes
because listen:

are all wiser with hindsight
but you?

You’ve done

So bear witness to your best efforts;
they fall but thank you for trying.



why not

i am taken by intensity
fierce carelessness
oozes out,
my voice thick with appeal
whispering meaningful nonsense
from knowing half-smirks
languidly trace
wild visions from eager breaths
you are collateral damage
for i promised beautiful nothings.
how reckless.

I feel happy

when I feel well-rested.
when I am effortlessly articulate.
when I reconnect with delight

and hold Wonder in my hands.

when I drink a lot of water.
when I feel sharp and move with ease,


when I float around wrapped in the world of ideas and links,

gorgeous language,

good design

and explorative, dynamic conversation
filled with many quiet moments to let the breath catch up.