An introduction, of sorts

Making things drains me, but I love it fiercely anyway.

I also enjoy journals, anything pickled, tea, beautiful language, and diluted cranberry juice that’s spiked with lemon juice (try it; perhaps you’ll thank me later). For shameless sappiness, check out the following list of three other things that I care about. Enjoy.

Peace, idacity,
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Or, as a fellow blogger said:

“Please cite me when you steal my shit. Because if it’s on this site, I made it.”

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See how easily I just credited the original post? Citing people’s work isn’t hard, it’s respect.

About me // Poetry

1. Poetry is therapy for my mental excess

I find writing — namely poetry — to be therapeutic, the same way that others ‘let off some steam’ by drinking alcohol or ranting over the phone. Writing poetry helps me (better) understand the confounding and my inner chaos. Stripped of rigid ‘rules’ (e.g., grammar, punctuation and sentence structure),  poetry gifts me with the freedom to express my thoughts in a way that, as vague as it sounds, simply feels ‘right’.

To me, poetry is intuitive, innocently sensual, nuanced and impossibly intimate.

About me // Public speaking

2. Public speaking should be spirited and dynamic

Aside from poetry, I have also loved public speaking since I was young. And by public speaking, I’m not referring to the bland ‘Hello teachers, parents and students. Today, I’m going to speak to you about…”. No, I’m talking about captivating crowds with the dips and peaks of your voice; of carefully crafted sentences; of making the room go silent, all awaiting your next word to relieve them of the suspense; of being a character you created and, for those 5 minutes, have the whole room believe in its existence.

I really do adore public speaking as an art of story-telling and a performance.

About me // spoken word

3. Spoken word is arresting

So, if you combine the first two loves of mine –poetry and public speaking–, you get spoken word. There’s a whole community of spoken-word artists out there for you to explore, and, in my humble opinion, it’s definitely worth checking out. A nice starting point is googling ‘Sarah Kay’ — I hope you find her as precious as I do. If you have any favorite spoken-word pieces, performances or artists, you should tell me in the comment section below! I’d love to hear about them.


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