And then, Silence

They warned her not to stray from the path
where ravening wolves are waiting.
They told her that independence
is deviance
— sinful, crippling and deeply unsatisfying.
So she listened to the admonitions:
suppressed her restless mind
and married the preordained
cloaked in red.

“Oh, lover, what big ears you have,” she said
Beautifully docile.
“All the better to hear you with,” he whispered

But still, her mind did not quieten;
and her heart felt just as hollow
so she tried again.

“Oh, lover, what big eyes you have,” she said
Politely (trying)
Dutifully (to contain)
Beautifully docile (the growing discontentment).
“All the better to see you with,” he purred

“Oh, lover, what big hands you have,” she said
Politely (trying… trying…)
Dutifully (but misgivings about)
Beautifully docile (her faith kept rising… rising).
“All the better to —”
“— Oh lover. Lover. Lover!
What a horribly big mouth you have,” she cried
to calm her turbulent mind.
“All the better to eat you with,” he stammered

This communion had worsened the chaos;
that her mind had not the solace
society promised she’d find in her dependency
so she left
in search of herself.

And then, Silence.

The poem above is a complex transformation of the fairy tale The Little Red Riding Hood. It was part of my assignment and despite my initial doubts about the piece, over time, I came to like it. So, months after it was written, it’s finally here on this blogging platform ready for your viewing pleasure.

Peace, idacity,


2 thoughts on “And then, Silence

    1. Girl, how you humble me ;) I’m glad to have found a friend in you my dear fellow writer! When technology decides to cooperate, I will follow you because after reading your work and wracking my brain to provide genuine feedback, I think I’ve fallen in love with your words and their potential. I am so curious about this ‘The shame’ piece of yours. You should tell us about your NaNoWriMo experience — what your pre-novemberthefirst thoughts were; how you went about scheduling writing into your life; what surprised you and any tips for future participants? Etc etc etc.


      Liked by 1 person

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