Forget C-major

Daughter’s live performance of their song called ‘Shallow’ beautifully sets the mood for the poem ‘Forget C-major’ that my quietly crazed self penned at 4:44 in the morning. The sun is rising now darling; time moves along ceaseless but we trudge on. My poem ‘Forget C-major’ is the below — enjoy.

Peace, idacity,

Your voice tastes like C-major —
familiar lover
fast loosing flavor.

I stay up at night
strumming guitar strings softly
lying on my back
filtering constellations
through my small fingers


feeling left behind

of infinity.

Trying desperately
to reconcile thoughts on our eternity
with dreadful mortality



And I knew then, know now,
blowing tear-stained kisses to our memories,
that I
am saying good bye to my best friend

broken lips

battered lungs

rusted limbs

bleeding sun

I see bloodstained clouds
breaking dawn
bringing a tomorrow
that I hope never/always comes

void of thee

but I will unlearn the taste of your voice;
say good bye to my best friend;
forget C-major:
the familiar lover
who’s fast losing flavor.


7 thoughts on “Forget C-major

  1. What a beautiful voice! Is that your daughter? She reminds me of Lucy Rose. And Imogen Brough. Lovely music.

    And I enjoyed your poem, especially the “bleeding sun” image. Just a small thing – should it be “losing flavour”?


    1. *clears throat* Apologies for this tardy reply of mine but ahh, in response to your kind comments:

      1. Oh boy! I may just lose it if I ever met the singer in real life. I imagine (hopefully accurately) that her voice is as beautiful and magestic live as it seems in YouTube videos.

      2. My bad, your confusion is due to lousy grammar on my part. The image/feeling/ache that I tried to describe there is that the taste of this precious individual, who sounds like C-major, is fast fading from my memory i.e., fast losing flavour. Does that make sense? I sure hope it does hahaa.


    2. Also, I must check out these people that you speak of — Imogen Brough and Lucy Rose.

      On the topic of music, I have taken a liking to Hozier (youtube link to his whole album here: and Dorothy (link to the band’s sound cloud here: my personal favourite is “After midnight”). As you can see here, my music taste is quite broad. Apart from indie and rock, I listen to classical music, pop, kpop, gaming music and jazz too. Like I said, wide range ;) What about you? What music do you enjoy? Any artists that you might want to recommend? That said, I know that music can be rather personal though so it’s totally fine if you don’t want to share :)


      1. Haha, when you said “Daughter’s live performance”, I didn’t realise you meant the band Daughter. I’d never heard of them before, but now I’ve been introduced! :)

        Sorry, I didn’t make that clear. I meant that you misspelled “losing”; you wrote “loosing instead”.

        I’ll check out your recommendations once I have the chance. :)

        I don’t listen to music quite as much as I used to, but I do have kind of odd tastes. I mostly listen to jrock and jpop (if the singers aren’t high and squeaky) or pretty much any genre that has an awesome singer.

        I know Japanese music isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, try Kalafina. I think they’re awesome, but as you say, music relies a lot on personal taste. Here’s one of my favourites:


      2. Oh so that’s what you were getting at — it was the singer’s name that caused the misunderstanding. Not going to lie, your original comment had me pretty confused about why the singer Daughter is now suddenly my daughter. I mean, if that really were the case, I ain’t complaining if it means that I get to hear her sing live and for free (got to maintain a good mother-daughter relationship ehh?). :D

        And oh? You like J-Pop and J-Rock? Cool! A while back, I went through a very brief Japanese rock phase but, as hard as I tried to get into J-Pop, I couldn’t get past the high but some of the whiny (no offence!) voices. And I enjoyed the song you linked me! :D I don’t know what the song is about but I feel the feels. Approved.


      3. Haha, once you’ve been listening to a band for a long time, you forget the literal meaning of their name. That happens to me a lot.

        Yeah, Japanese singers (especially pop singers) tend to be a little (or a lot, in some cases) on the squeaky side. That really turned me off at first, but there are lots of good ones, as long as you take the time to look. :) The song, “Red Moon”, is one of my favourites (although I’ve listened to it too many times now, which ruins it a little). And I haven’t a clue what it’s about, but I’m usually there for the music (especially the harmonies!) rather than the lyrics. Glad you liked it. :)


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