Sprint anyway

I promise complexity.
I promise turbulence.
I promise that I too often feel nostalgia for experiences I have yet to call my own.

I promise contradictions.
I promise imperfection
and I promise that I fail to admit that with no shame.
I promise resolute ignorance.
I promise paranoia.
I promise petty frustrations
but also miracles and scepticism.

I promise that I doubt blind faith but often close my eyes anyway.
I promise that I too often try to intellectualize that which is beyond me.
I promise I am often crippled by an inability to articulate…


which refuse to fit in the confines of language.

I promise
that I feel too much.
I promise my bad habits.
I promise my mania.
I promise absurdities.
I promise narcissism (Instagram me)
and I promise that I lie (I don’t actually have Instagram).

I promise that I am capricious.
I promise moments of abject self-pity.
I promise that I can be frustratingly humble
for I feel like a fraud sometimes
…all the time.

I promise that I sometimes dream
too big
and alternatively, I promise that I sometimes,
I am too tired to dream at all.

I promise that I am as corruptible as the next Man
and so too are you.

So at the same time that I say I promise you everything,
know that I promise nothing at all
for it is inevitable that I will sometimes forget
why I did, am and should continue trying.

But in the periods where I remember,
I promise you
that Identity and Existence weighs heavy on our souls;
that crying “I am I” can sometimes be too harrowing to utter;
that I sprint knowing that these shoes are too big for me to fill

but I promise you,

that I will keep running anyway.


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