Salt lake

Salt lake - 1

Most intense as jazz went down yesterday night.

ho·ly gua·ca·mo·le

I’m proud to have survived it.
Success baby agrees:

My external environment has been a mess lately (not literally, ‘a mess’ because trust me, I like my neatness)  and since mid-last year, my internal state of being has been tipped. Unbalanced. Equilibrium destroyed. etc. Things were getting to a point where for the sake of our sanity and ability to function on a day to day basis, some issues needed to be addressed and yesterday just so ended up being that day.

So many tears were leaked (hence my currently puffy eyes) by either party and well, all in all, despite all the planning that had taken place on my side, it went meh. I think one of the two people that I was trying to talk to understood and responded well to what I was saying but the other.. ah, yeah, not so much.

With a raging headache and puffy eyes by the end of it, I’m still not quite sure what to think about the overall effectiveness/result of the talk and the sake lake that I cried yesterday. Hm. It did okay but it could’ve been better. But then again, it could have very much gone the other way and backfired. It all depends on the immediate actions that follow it up – the ‘what now?’.


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