Ebony black

We were working by candle light and eating dry instant noodles for dinner so needless to say, with the storm raging just outside:

.we had lost power.

Although I am scared of the dark (and, mind you, the flickering shadows that the whimsically little  flames cast upon the walls did naught to calm my nerves), it was actually a rather fun little happening.

At one stage of the night, there was a competition between my family members to see who could come up with the best design -constructed from odd pieces lying around the house- that maximized the candle light’s intensity. By brother won with his aluminium-tray-and-lego-pieces creation (below).

Ebony black candle light

I also discovered…

  1. That I can play Yiruma’s piano piece ‘River flows in you’ in the dark.

  2. That when you are in a family of pranksters, playing hide-and-seek in minimal light is actually ridiculously scary.

  3. That I need to eat more carrots.

  4. Just how loud the sound of rain is once the typical background humming of various household appliances are stripped away.

  5. That telling scary stories with my mother is the most amusing thing ever. She is even easier to scare than me -which is both pathetic and adorable. Trust me when I say that that being easier to scare than me is something that’s hard to achieve. You should feel proud mother.

  6. The joys of watching that one drop on the window eat all others until it gets too fat and falls.

  7. Just how crisp the sound of opening a chip packet is.

  8. How dark my neighborhood can really be.

  9. Just how much I need my Wi-Fi but wish I didn’t because in that one night without it, I had come to fall in love with rain all over again..

..the infinite layers of sounds that together, form the quaint
yet familiar symphony of a storm..
..the surge of adrenaline and your imagination going haywire at even the slightest of touch of a breeze on the nape of your neck..
..the darkness that the moon lights up just enough for its depths to contain a little bit more than nothing but not quite yet a familiar something..
..its icy kiss that draws warmth for your inside- enveloping the tip of your ear to the roots of your hair, to the tender skin of your collarbone to the hardened soles of your feet..

Rain, how I’ve missed thee.

Welcome home.

Peace, idacity,


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