Miscellaneous likes, dislikes, fears, aspirations and wish-list items of mine. Enjoy.

Peace, idacity,

1. likes & general smiles

Mushrooms; Pickles; Puns; Sarcasm; Hans Zimmer; Two steps from Hell; Celtic culture (music, myths & legends, etc.); Spoken word; Clean windows & mirrors; Heights; Sitting on stairs; Sleeping on the sofa; Sherlock BBC; Roald Dahl; Pockets.

I enjoy the smell of… old books; eucalyptus; cooked garlic.

I like the feel of… freshly printed paper; back hugs.

I find… nice jaw lines; eye smiles; British, Irish and slight Scottish or Canadian accents; nicely dressed people (not expensively dressed but presentable); people who laugh; eloquenteness; a toned body; awkwardness/ditsyness – that sense of naivity and innocence; an undertone of self-confidence; intelligence …attractive.

2. dislikes & fears

Re-reading books; Granny-smith apples; Bread crusts; Spoilers (novel esp.); Smokers; Dirty windows & mirrors; Clacky/loud shoes (esp. heels).

I dislike the smell of… Brown sugar; Sunflower seeds tea.

I am turned off by overly muscular upper quads (i.e. shoulders); SMOKERS (drinking is also bad but smoking is the worst); poorly dressed people (not expensive material necessarily, just needs to be presentable); people who spend a lot of money; people who bite their nails.

I fear… Bugs in general but spiders especially; Things that have eyes with the whites only (no iris); Being lost; Being worthless; Falling in love.

3. skills to obtain or hone

Being able to read, write, listen and speak Chinese well; Spinning my pen backwards; Writing with my left hand; Juggling; Speaking in three ‘types’ of English accents; Ride a uni-cycle.

4. wish-list items

Adequate desk space; A swivelly mesh chair; A glass study desk; A tall lamp light; Surround-sound system; All of Roald Dahl’s works.


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